Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kayaks & Squirrels

First things first. Hurricane Sandy storm news...

Thankfully there is no news. The eye of the hurricane passed pretty close to us but we did not receive the predicted extreme amounts of rain or high wind gusts. We had NO damage to our new bridge.  I am so thankful for that. It must have been all those prayers and thoughts coming our way. We did have our creek rise pretty high, the usual river flowing through the basement, a few trees down in the backyard and a small chimney leak but nothing major. We even had power the whole time.

Monday night when Sandy was at her worst I was tempted to pull my kayak out of the garage and shoot the rapids in my front yard.

Maybe if I had one of these fancy new glow-in-the-dark kayaks that would have been feasible.  Have you heard of these honies?

Jackson Glow-in-the-Dark Kayaks
Kayaking at night is an experience in itself. Kayaking in a glow-in-the-dark kayak? Talk about adding a whole new dimension.

This week, Jackson Kayak of Rock Island, Tennessee released their new Illuminati series. For just $200 more you can add the unique glow-in-the dark paint feature to any of their fishing kayaks. You just have to let it rest near a light source for a few hours and it will glow all night.

I can think of a lot of good reasons why I would want this add-on. Not just so I can shoot the rapids at night in my front yard. But mostly because I am always worried when I am out on the river about some speed-boat guy who has had a few "to many" not seeing me in my kayak and running me over. So the extra visibility is a perk. I am sure The Sportsman would borrow it for it's supreme bait fishing attractability. The press release said you can put a small flashlight down in the hull and it attracts bait fish like crazy. I also like the idea of being able to find things in the kayak without having to wear an annoying headlamp.

HERE is the Jackson Kayak website if your interested in learning more.

And in closing, I just can't help but share this little tidbit about squirrels.  Even at the risk of making this the most random blog post I have ever composed...

Apparently the squirrel population has gotten out of hand in some places here on the east coast. I personally have not noticed a difference. But according to South Carolina's Clemson University, the extra population has caused up to a million dollars worth of damage. Ouch. Clemson is now lacing squirrel feeders with squirrel contraceptives. That's right... birth control for squirrels folks. When the squirrels eat the seeds, it stains their bellies with red dye so they can be identified for research. Don't you think they could have at least made the dye a different color? Just saying...
Now you have heard it all.


  1. Love the kayak!! It's sure to be a must have for any fisher woman/man!

    I've seen more squirrels (and larger ones) this bird hunting season than before in Maine. But really, birth control? Some people have too much time on their hands. Lol

    1. Its to bad that we don't have more interested young hunters to take care of the squirrel "problem".

    2. I agree. Just another reason why I'm starting the group that I am. If we get more children interested in nature, we might also pass down the tradition of hunting. Mia will be a hunter if she chooses, with me as a mom she has someone to teach her. Other kids grow up in cement jungles though and don't get these opportunities. Hopefully the gap will be bridged someday. Too many kids sitting indoors in general.

    3. Wow, I agree. You might be interested in this I look forward to hearing how your new organization turns out. So many people talk about doing something but few take action. Way to go!


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