Friday, December 21, 2012

"Guns" The Elephant in the Room

27 Wooden Angels Memorial
The Newtown, Connecticut shootings were just a week ago today. I have tried numerous times to put some more blog content up but I have lost a little bit of my voice since this loss took place. My simple efforts of thoughts and prayers directed at the victims and their families are so small in comparison with the depth of their loss. 

I respect the efforts of other bloggers to institute a day of silence. 

I am just not the kind that is good at silence. 

I realized today as I was wrapping up some gifts for my little guy that there are many trees in Connecticut with gifts that will remain unopened this Christmas. 

That broke my heart. That made it real. That made me cry.

Something has to change. Something has to give. But it seems like the more we talk about the options, the more everyone becomes divided. I know gun control is not the only issue at hand. It is ignorant to point at the weapons used in Friday's tragedy and blame them alone. Yet that is what our nation is choosing to do. Guns are becoming that elephant in the room wherever I go. It is becoming really hard for me to continue to bite my tongue when people start to talk about the banning of weapons and taking away yet another right of mine, as a citizen of the United States. I get a little worked up. I just finished reading today's NRA press Conference and am proud that there are many other Americans standing up for our rights and freedoms. The one point made in the post was that we protect everything else we care about with armed security... our money, airports, sports stadiums, President...but we make our schools a gun free zone. 
Taking away guns is not the answer.

I haven't wanted to use my blog as a way to politicize gun control. I feel guilty even putting the words gun control out there after just talking about the loss of life. But it is a reality. We can't make others change their views on gun control, but we can influence our own sphere. Why are we so afraid to say what we think to the people we love? Our society is becoming so gray, it scares me. Teach your children the difference between right and wrong, don't give that job to someone else. Start where it counts. Do what you can in your sphere to protect our rights and freedoms and more then anything... our children.

I am sure for many there will be some uncomfortable moments over Christmas when our families are all gathered together and the gun control issue comes up. 

Choose peace on Christmas. 

Remember there are little eyes on you watching and learning.


  1. Well said Loni. Lynne

  2. Relax. Nobody's going to take your guns away. If the government's going to control you, it has far more sophisticated means to do so than to come and ask for your hunting guns. A society that defends the sale of assault rifles as a requisite for its freedom, though, has no idea what freedom is. It is based on fear and hatred.


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