Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Guy Finally Got it Right

Girls are all about personalization, right? We are always on the hunt for that special accessory that takes our wardrobe from just clothes to style. And we are always modifying our style to fit our personality. Guys just don't get that. The Sportsman doesn't understand why I need a new pair of jeans if the jeans I wore in high school still fit. And if I try to explain that there is such a thing as the evolution of style I get the blank "I'm thinking about fishing not what your lips are saying" look.

But you guys, a guy finally got it right. Thanks to some creative new technology, with the help of  Pink Gun you can customize the look of a handgun. I'm not just talking about a color. You can go to your local cabela's and pick up a cheesy pink handgun that screams "my boyfriend wants me to go to the gun range with him and I said I wouldn't go unless my gun is pink". No. Think... well whatever you want. 

You can even send in your current handgun for "decoration services".

I played around on the Pink Gun website a little. It was fun. Here is a screenshot of my pick.

I love the hard edge of the animal print mixed with the romantic soft floral hand grips. I'm thinking... perfect Valentines gift from The Sportsman? I might have to drop some not to subtle hints.