Monday, January 14, 2013


Campfire season came early to us this year. The last couple days have been weirdly warm... but maybe not so weird. Since I moved to Pennsylvania a few years ago people have been saying how odd the weather has become. Maybe I'm the weird one, I don't know...

 I love campfires and love that our house came with an awesome campfire pit out back. It's so nice to gather around something as a group (besides the stupid mind-suck TV) and just talk, or not talk. Sometimes The Sportsman and I will grab a bottle of wine (and the baby monitor) after our little guy is tucked into bed and go start a fire. There is something so rejuvenating about enjoying the simplicity of fire and just letting it draw out healthy conversation. It seems so easy to talk about our hopes and dreams while staring into all that toastiness.

 The only way I will even think of eating a hot dog or brat is if it is cooked on a stick over the fire. All crispy and even a little gritty. Deliciousness!

I'm sure this little warm snap is just a spring teaser for us but at least we can say we took advantage of it and enjoyed a mid-winter campfire.



  1. Looks wonderful and inviting!

  2. There is nothing like enjoying a campfire in the winter- looks like quite the blaze you had.

  3. We love having a campfire at the lake house and often do hot dogs and then s'mores. Yum!

  4. It was warm in Indiana until yesterday. Now the cold just wants to make me cry. I'm jealous of your fire! I can't wait to have a yard (we rent an upstairs duplex) so we can have bonfires!

    Thanks for stopping by Pre-K Prep School!


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