Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Christmas Tree to Fish Food

Almost every house I drove by this past weekend had a poor dejected Christmas tree laying out front. 

Mine included. 

I feel sorry for the Christmas tree and it's life-cycle. I have often wondered if it wouldn't be more "green" to invest in a really nice fake one (cause I am not ready to give up the tradition of having a tree at Christmas) or even purchasing a potted one that I could plant in the back yard after the decor comes off.

Anyways, this post is not intended to talk you out of your Christmas tree tradition.

I wanted to bring some awareness to a Trout-Unlimited group over on the West-coast that is collecting Christmas trees and using them for baby salmon habitat. 

Talk about letting your Christmas tree give the gift of life! 

Last year the Tualatin Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited collected 400 Christmas trees and sank them into a river that was depleted of food and protection for baby Coho.They are not the first group to do this. If you Google your region there are lots of groups and organizations that collect trees for local fish and animal habitat. I was impressed with this particular groups efforts in charting the success of their project. If that kind of thing interests you, check out the full story HERE.

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And if you live in the Portland area they are still looking for Christmas tree donations and plan on collecting a final round on January 17, 2013. For more info click HERE.

I couldn't find any groups in my area that collect trees for conservation purposes. Maybe we have enough habitat in the river for our fish, I don't know enough about that stuff. I am pretty sure I can't just randomly dump my tree into the river, that's considered littering in my neck of the woods. I wanted to light a match to our tree, but The Sportsman thought the potential risk of it exploding and burning the rest of the forest down wasn't worth it. Bummer.

I would encourage you to Google your area and see if there are groups collecting trees for conservation before kicking yours to the curb.


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