Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moving On

It's official! After a year on the market our sweet little country house sold. Tear. It was the first home either of us owned. The first place we dreamed of calling our own little patch of earth. The place we brought our two tots home from the hospital to. Where we labored every weekend to mend, and shape into our own space. Where I spent many hours encouraging all kinds of garden and landscape plants to grow. Where The Sportsman conquered a forest of bamboo. Most importantly where so much love and friendship grew. We will miss you little home! We are so thankful for the five years we called you our own.


  1. Are you moving away or staying close by? Congrats on the sale but you will always have the memories..

    1. We are not even moving out of the county our old house was, lol! Just a little closer to The Sportsman's work.


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